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The Old Brush

30 years ago, internationally acclaimed photographer Robert Bignell bought 40 acres at Brunkerville with a view to creating his own private piece of paradise.

At first appearance it’s main appeal for a builder was a cleared flat area with a few big inaccessible trees and a bit of brush along the creek, left from logging 80 years previously. Because it was bordered by the Sugarloaf Range State Forest, privacy was assured.

But the deeper into the property Robert ventured, the more he discovered – birds, animals and an amazing diversity of trees and shrubs.

For the first few years he lived in a tent, later moving into his tool shed and converting it to a studio and home where he remained for 12 years.

These days he has converted his hay shed into a 35 sq. home and studio built, like the two cabins, wholly from recycled materials.
Address: 187 Leiberts Lane, Brunkerville
Phone: 4938 0288

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