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Cocos Closet

Kristie Banham – Coco’s Closet

dscf0362“Once upon a time there lived a rather tall little girl.
she had teeth to grow into and hair that needed taming.
she loved to draw and draw
and paint and colour. she liked reading too
but drawing, that was her most fun thing to do.
Years past and she grew into her teeth
and found rockin’ product for that unruly hair but
best, best of all she got to draw and paint and colour everyday.
she filled sketch pads and books and journals.
she drew on walls (in her own house of course) and painted.
life was a rainbow of colour painted by
she laughed out loud.
Her life was good and fun.”
I think I been the creative artsy crafty type in one way or another ever since I can remember, every Christmas as a child I received a crayola caddy so I could draw and colour at any given time. I think my mum and dad saw something early on and fostered my love of drawing, for that I am eternally grateful.

Fast forward twenty or so years, loads of pencils and sketchpads later and here I am at Coco’s Closet- home of Indie Crafts and recycled wares opened in September 2009.
Located in the coastal town of Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW it houses predominately my own creations and a few other indie craftspeople I have met in recent times.

dscf0022I like to play with lots of differing mediums so the store is a great front for my ever changing and growing ideas. From heart shaped felt hair clips, homemade soap to sock monkeys, recycled denim owl softies, inspirational handmade bunting and an array of groovy jewellery the world of Coco’s Closet is a funny little place to live. The painted floor in the entry invites you to step inside and smile… it’s a happy place.

I never go anywhere without my water colour pencils, black markers and a sketchpad of sorts, you never know when an idea might just slap you in the face. I am currently working on an abundance of ‘inspirez’ bunting- it makes me smile and I have sold a great deal of late to teachers for their classrooms and studios which I am extremely chuffed about, knowing kids get a positive lil’ piece of art to read everyday excites me. Sock Monkeys adorn most corners in the store and they are an ever growing family to Stella, my girl and original Redheel sock monkey.

coco-art-kick-butt-tinker-bellMy kids Rourke and Mackenzie make me giggle and scream on a daily basis and my high school sweetheart accepts the many ongoing projects floating about our house. They all inspire me, along with the wonderful new Incubator pals I met exhibiting at last years Stitches and Craft Shows. Their blogs opened me to a whole new craft world and community which I now coexist in and through my blog have a whole lot of fun. Magazines, music, books and great coffee influence the way I approach my work and I love an amazing flipside and a jar half full.

I have three clocks in my store set on Sydney, New York and London times and tell my kids that’s so we’ll know the time when Coco’s Closet opens in those places…that makes us all excited and the dreamers of BIG dreams…… never know.

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