Dates: 27th May – 12th June 2016

Opening Celebration, 6pm Friday 27th May 2016

Each of the three Newcastle artists artists are both ceramists and sculptors, responding to the challenges of contemporary life: the environment, technology and political repression.

Dawn PERRY’s sculptures combine the human body with non-human components in a candid almost playful way. Her work points out that technology pervades many aspects of contemporary human life and the boundary between technological intervention and independent human life is shifting.

Sharon RIDSDALE’s work is concerned with the long term effects of environmental damage. Her installation addresses the catastrophic bleaching event now taking place in the Great Barrier Reef. Skeletal forms, the colour of bone are a call for action to ensure regeneration and survival.

Mojgan HABIBI’s installations explore how political artists are able to covertly express critical thought. The message of her works is delivered indirectly and is encoded at several levels. Her works contain writing displaying meaning at a literal, poetic and a hidden level. Mojgan Habibi is currently undertaking PhD research at the University of Newcastle.


57 Bull Street Cooks Hill

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm

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