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Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Usage Guidelines.

This page contains the Hunter Arts Network’s (HAN) rules in relation to social media. It has been developed to inform members/persons about using social media so they feel empowered to participate, while being mindful of their responsibilities and obligations.

Social media sites are public forums, online services and tools used for publishing, sharing and discussing information. They can include forums, blogs, wikis, social networking websites, and any other websites that allow individual users to easily upload and share content.

HAN invites you to follow/like our social networking pages/accounts:

Our aim is to inform you of news, interesting & useful information, events & opportunities with HAN, members, locally, & sometimes nationally & internationally. Some of this content may be published by other people & may be provided to us or sourced by us & which we take no responsibility for.
HAN’s social media supplements the information published on this website.

HAN can better communicate with people using mobile devices.

HAN supports members/persons who choose to use social media in their capacity as private citizens, however they should be aware that content published on social media sites is publicly available – on their personal accounts as well as HAN’s official social media and social networking accounts/pages. Inappropriate public comment on such sites could put members/persons at risk of breaching the Code of Conduct.

In order to ensure our pages are friendly and welcoming for all visitors, we moderate where needed. We ask that when contributing your views to HAN’s social media sites you respect online etiquette by:
– adhering to these social media usage guidelines, and seek to conform to the cultural and behavioural norms of the social media platform being used
– being respectful of all individuals and communities you interact with
– being polite and respectful of others’ opinions, even in times of heated discussion and debate
– ensuring you do not post material or make comments that are obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusing, discriminatory or hateful or attack of another member, person or entity, unreasonable criticism, compromise public confidence or hateful to or about HAN or any HAN members or any other person
– not posting comments that are likely to offend others, particularly in reference to an individual’s race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion, or disability
– not using obscene or offensive language
– not posting repeat comments continuously
– not promoting anything that may constitute spam, such as commercial interests, solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any non-governmental agency
– protecting your personal privacy by not including email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses on the public wall
– member’s & persons online behaviour must adhere to acting honestly, professionally, and with respect and courtesy.

We will respond to enquiries as quickly as possible however enquiries through social media pages are not considered formal correspondence. HAN’s official social media and social networking accounts/pages are not a means of correspondence, but purely for keeping our members informed of upcoming and ongoing events, & any member posting inappropriate or unnecessary posts or replies will not be tolerated, will be in breach of these social media usage guidelines, their comment or reply will be removed, you may be blocked, & their membership will be revoked.

HAN has it’s own identity via email address and mailing address, which eliminates any one person receiving correspondence. If members have concerns relating to HAN their correspondence must be addressed to the committee (as a whole) and will be tabled at the proceeding meeting. You should contact HAN by email, or in writing if you have a formal request, comment, enquiry or a compliment or complaint concerning HAN:
– 19 Croydon St, Mayfield NSW 2304

HAN has made reasonable effort to ensure that the information contained on its social media pages was current and accurate at the time the page was created or last modified. HAN makes no guarantee of any kind, and no legal contract between HAN and any person or entity is to be inferred from the use of or information on our social networking sites.

HAN gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information. No user should rely on the information, but instead should check for confirmation with the originating or authorising body. HAN reserves the right at any time to make such changes as it deems appropriate to that information. HAN has no responsibility for the accuracy of any content obtained from this medium and stored by a user in any form.

Any links to external websites and/or non HAN information provided on HAN’s social media pages are provided as courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by HAN of the content or condition or views of the linked materials.
Any advertisement that may appear when viewing our page is not endorsed by HAN, nor are we directly affiliated with the advertisement unless stated otherwise.

The act of HAN “liking” or “following” an organisation , business, group, individual person, location or event through social media platforms does not indicate that HAN endorses the products, views, activities or services relating to the “liked” or “followed” entity, business or group.