Elysium is the first sensory-art space open to the public in Australia. Elysium is a new facility designed to provide a unique and healthy experience that can have a positive and calming effect on your emotions and wellbeing.

Inside this space you will find a sensory feast of colour, texture, light, sound and aromas. Curl up in soft comfy chairs, lounge under the galaxy lights and soak in sensory indulgence.

Elysium is the advancement of PhD research by artist Bliss Cavanagh and will continue to be an evolving space. Bliss’s research aims to deliver the benefits of sensory stimulation to the general population in an accessible way using the power of art and science combined.

Thursday 18 February 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm, at Shop 16 Market Square Mezzanine, Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle, free entry