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Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar

Betty Lind; Beaded Creations and Crocheted Tea and Hand Towels

It is Easter Monday today. May I hope that you have all had a happy Easter.

Alas, due to the Covid-19 Virus, we are all advised to stay home, and  observe social distancing,  just going out for work, shopping, exercise and medical reasons.

I have been ordered by my doctor to stay home, no going out. It is rather daunting, but we all need to do it, for our own safety and everybody else’s.

Having spent a lifetime in Theatre, with a break in the late 60’s / early 70’s when my girls were swimming, many people  would have knowledge of me.  My father, Coilin Chapman formed the Newcastle Dramatic Art Club in 1938. I was 8 at the time, and I retired from theatre in 2008.  I was a singer, entertaining many thousands of people over a period of 50 years. I played in the orchestras for a time but in 1959 made my singing debut as “Tosca” in Tosca, with two singers from the Elizabethan Theatre Opera Company . From then on I played many shows, I suppose the characters  that people remember me playing were, “Bloody Mary,” (South Pacific) The Mother Abbess in “Sound of Music” and of course “White Horse Inn,” when I played “Josepha,” and Frank Lind played “Leopold.”  After the first season of that show, we married, had two lovely daughters. Continued in show biz, Frank passed away in 1994. but the girls and I continued on for another 14 years presenting shows, always under the banner of the NDAC.

Five years ago, I learnt to crochet,  then I saw the beaded creations on the net, and decided, maybe, I could do that, and I have. So now I make beaded creations, and crochet hand towels and tea towels. My life in a nut shell.

The HAN network, which I joined two years ago, a wonderful group of artists, all with creative instincts and abilities have given all their artists a page on their web site. I thank them very much for the opportunity to put my work up for all to see.

I have a quantity of towels, and beaded creations. And can make creations to order if someone wanted a particular colour or design.

If you would like something, and with Mother’s Day approaching, what I have may be of interest to you, send me a message via Facebook, and I will answer ASAP.  With towels, colours are the most essential information. I can post, or you can pick up. I have a front patio and social distancing is no problem. With all the articles, I can place a table on the patio and you can make your choice. You can shop from your car.

Beaded creations, I do not like posting them, they are in reality quite fragile.

May I wish you all the best of health and happiness for the future.

Betty Lind.

0417 404 553

19/82 Warners Bay Rd, Warners Bay