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Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar

Kathy Langlade (Bubblegum Days)

I am of Chinese- French origin and live in Lake Macquarie. I am an author and self taught artist whose work is influenced by the culture of the 1960s and 1970s and children’s picture book illustrations. I have self published two short comic books and the children’s picture book ‘Who Stole My Sausage roll’ in 2018.

I have taught a course called ‘Unlocking Your Creativity’ to beginners in art in Lake Macquarie. The course covers five mediums in five weeks, as well as warm up exercises that help students use the whole of their brain.

The success of the warm up exercises in particular, inspired me to create the art instruction book called ‘Brain Wave’. I have created an online community page for the Brain Wave book on to inspire anyone interested in the book.

I use a variety of medium to create my art work including: paper, acrylic paint, mix media, computer animation and fabric. My artworks are colourful and feature unique subject matters that bring surprise and joy to viewers. My artworks include a series of painted dinosaurs in 1970s platforms shoes as well as paper crafted bunnies in Bondi Beach scenes.

View more of my artwork at or on instagram @bubblegumdays. Email: