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Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar

Lauren Boyd

I am a jewellery designer who is inspired by the variety of size, material, colour & texture available in the world of beads. The design philosophy behind my work is to make beautiful pieces, which are simple, timeless and wearable.

Rather than rebelling against my own love of patterns and logic, I have embraced this as a major component of many of my designs and I search far and wide, locally and internationally to source beads that are worthy and uncommon.

My jewellery is made with a variety of materials and ranges in style from very casual to more formal pieces that are created on a custom-made basis for Weddings and other special occasions. This process of designing and making something for a specific individual, outfit and occasion has often resulted in a completely new design direction and is hugely rewarding!

I have been creating these pieces for about 10 years now and never tire of trying new ideas and looking for inspiration from both fashion and nature.

You can contact me via:
0421 338 343

You can find my work at: