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Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar

Meredith Ford


So you’re curious to know a little about the Gal behind the lens.

The one who is asking you to Venture Beyond the Frame, to see the bigger picture in life.

Well it’s only because you’re inquisitive that I am stepping out from behind the camera to welcome you into my world.


For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination for photography. There was something magical about being able to capture on paper those moments, places and people who had been part of my adventures.

I think half the fun was waiting to collect the photos from the photo lab- yes I am old enough to remember how to load film into a camera. Opening up that envelope to reveal blurred, over exposed, dull and yet so magical images that invoke the feelings of Christmas Mornings every single time.


Then that craziness of a career happened… You see I was a Neurosurgical ICU and Anaesthetic Nurse, so yes I too got caught up in that rut. You know the one where that unwelcome work thing slowly but surely creeps into your personal life, your evenings and makes it self right at home on your couch on the weekends.

Because life had gotten so busy, I had forgot how to stop and enjoy the little things.

Then my hand was forced- quite literally with an injury, to a grinding holt.

So as part of my physical therapy I picked up a camera. Photography had aided me to Venture Beyond the Frame, to find time each day to daydream, get lost & simply retreat to a place of calm and mindfulness.


It’s because I know where you’re at, that I want to extend this invitation to you!

To Venture Beyond the Frame with my Photography, so that you too can find time each day so you can retreat from the busyness of your life, and immerse yourself into a place of Calm and Mindfulness.


Meredith Ford
Photographic Director
t: 0409 101 801
i: @shutterbugadventures