Carol Dilley is a US based choreographer, dancer and teacher and has performed internationally for over twenty years. Her professional career began in New York, followed by nearly a decade of teaching and performing in Barcelona, where she still teaches regularly. Carol has always promoted grass roots dance initiatives and has started two performance series, La Porta, in Barcelona, which has flourished now for over 10 years and Dance Briefs, in Sydney.

She has created various works with independent dancers in Sydney including Dirty Feet Dance Collective with whom she has choreographed two works since 2006. Carol has been returning regularly to Sydney since taking a position in the United States in 2003 at Bates College where she is Professor of Dance.

This residency follows a succesful visit in 2008 where Carol met and taught with students at Newcastle’s National College of Dance and Marie Walton Mahon Dance Academy. Carol will return to work with senior students at the school throughout her residency in a collaboration with the students that will result in a unique performance within the cells of the Lock-Up Cultural Centre.

Performance Dates for Carol Dilley in collaboration with dancers from the National College of Dance

6pm Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 August

Footage of the National College of Dance and Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy can be viewed by clicking through here.

The event is free but please call 4925 2265 to make a booking.
Images (Clockwise from top left): Anti-tank Missile, Liz Ashburn, 2010, Without a Trace, Carol dilley and Jill Eng, image taken by Phyllis Grabor Jenson, 2006, Karl Logge and Tessa Rappaport working in the Lock-Up