Exhibition runs until 15 June 2014

The family connection between mother and daughter artists Meredith and Rae Woolnough is strongly apparent in their joint exhibition, Akin, to be held at Islington’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in May.

The fibre artist duo may use different materials and work in separate cities but their art is intrinsically connected – and not just by their surname. Although Meredith and Rae approach art-making in vastly different ways, they both draw inspiration from the natural world.

This joint exhibition showcases the stunning work of two artists who are each pushing the boundaries of their chosen materials and processes. Meredith’s unique three-dimensional embroidery technique is used to stitch delicate forms inspired by the colours, patterns and structures found in leaves and coral. Rae uses silk and fine merino fibres to create semi-abstracted landscapes from felt.

Mother and daughter both find inspiration in the formations and patterns of nature and interpret these into their work in inventive ways.

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