Art Bazaar Speers Point 2019 Downloads

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Art Bazaar Speers Point Park is being held on Saturday 4 May 2019 from 10am to 3pm.

Please help us promote the event by downloading this artwork which you can print or use as your Facebook/Google+ cover, social media posts, on your website, email signature, blogs & more:
– Facebook cover












– Poster








315px x315px









Bump in information will be available closer to the event date

Our corflutes and A3 posters have arrived and our DL flyers will be arriving soon! Please help us distribute our posters and corflutes for the event by emailing [email protected]

Here’s some STALLHOLDER TIPS to help you! *Charge your Square reader* Bring an extra battery source for your phone *Fill your water weights * provide your own 3 x 3 metre market tent * clothing to cover all hot/cold options & sun protection * CHANGE * tablecloths to cover the tables * paper carry bags and paper bags (customise these with business cards) for sales * business cards, flyers, signage * tissue paper/bubble wrap depending on what you are selling * display stands/items for your work….you can be creative with this ie old suitcases/timber children’s chairs/jewellery trees that seem to pop up everywhere in home stores etc * small kit of stationery items ie scissors/safety pins/black marker texta/sticky tape * work can be priced or unpriced depending on selling/talking skills! * pack the car the night before * leave your day to day handbag at home and only take what is essential for security reasons/bring a small crossover bag for your change/ or bumbag * if you are by yourself tell ALL your friends to drop in and say hello so you at least get a toilet break! * introduce yourself to your neighbouring stalls * weights to weigh down the market tent (water or sand or pegs) * chain to hang from the market tent to hang wall art * collect customer details * receipts * plenty of drinking water * take pictures on your phone of your market set up so you can refer back to pictures of the previous market * no holds – remember you are only there for 6 hours * if you make clothes of jewellery, wear it on the day * be doing something with your hands, sewing or painting or other making. People like seeing creative people being creative, it not only creates a topic of conversation but you are not sitting there starring at the customer, freaking them out

2 Comments on “Art Bazaar Speers Point 2019 Downloads”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to book a stall for the art bazaar please.
    Can you send me relevant details.

    Sharon OHearn

    1. Hello

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Stallholders must be Hunter Arts Network members and you can apply for membership by completing the application which can be found here: Membership is due for renewal from 1 January every year.

      Once this application is received it will be reviewed for membership and if successful we will notify you of the outcome and no payment is required until you’ve been approved and sent your invoice.

      Applications for Art Bazaar Lambton Park on Sunday 17 November 2019 can be completed here:

      Both applications need to be completed. Membership is $55 per year for individuals, $80 per year for groups of three or less and $100 per year for groups of more than three, and one 3m x 3m stall site is $80. Member’s work must be original, handmade, high quality and produced by local artisans (Hunter & surrounding areas). Public liability insurance is included however we recommend that stallholders have their own insurance to cover themselves and their property. Stallholders need to supply everything for their stall eg market tent, table, chair, table cloth, fixtures for displaying items etc

      If you meet the above criteria we look forward to receiving your applications!

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