Phillipa Bird and Susie Oldfield’s Ceramics and mixed media exhibition from 7 – 23 July. Official opening Friday 7 July 6-8pm

The rural surroundings and diverse environments of the Mid North Coast are the underlying inspiration for the whimsical collection of creatures and their antics.

Susie incorporates natural fibres with some of her larger pieces such as the work titled Bull St Fig.

This work was created in response to a previous visit to the Back to Back Galleries, where many majestic old fig trees line Bull Street. Her main body of work is based on the gradual arrival of birds as a benchmark of successful regeneration of the 7-acre property she has lived on for 30 years. A large dam on her property represents Home, which is central to a range of habitats.

Phillipa is inspired by the diverse range of insects she encounters on her property. She has an appreciation of the beauty and delight that nature brings. Living close to the water, she had a desire to explore the colours and shapes hidden under the surface of the sea through her ceramics. Philippa has a large local following and enjoys seeing how others find joy in her work.

57 Bull St, Cooks Hill