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Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaar


s_squared_designs_ is a genuine #indieartistcrafter with an original training in #fineart. Proud to be part of the #generationx of original upcyclers. We don’t just #upcycle cutlery, see our upcycled china busts and buttocks and upcycled coffee bag pieces. #ecocraft and #upcycling are long lived and full hearted ethea of ours. @s_ ssquared_designs_ we work to make sure that our pieces are as unique as they can be. We have a registered trademark. Our jewellery is all sterling silver or sterling silver gilded. One of our original trademark practices is that most of our jewellery is carefully planished. We also source and upcycle highly unusual and rare pieces of all types of cutlery and make all aspects of jewellery with these … rarely are pieces the same and we do not mass produce. Part of our uniqueness is that we are not only #spoonrings … we are #cutlery jewellery. @s_squared_designs_ we can also make commissioned pieces from family heirlooms, cutlery, china and porcelain and we love making bespoke pieces … apparel too ... We have a genuine connection with what we produce and who we produce for … we really enjoy having a customer facing, interactive experience with our procurers, individually and in all round worthwhile, market stall communities. We hope our followers old and new will be able to discern our #craftswomanship

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