Dates: 29 May – 14 June, Opening @ 6.00pm Fri 29 May 2015


Back to Back Galleries presents an exhibition by three Dungog artists: Clare Tilyard makes ceramics, Lisa Battye works with acrylic on wood and Renae Carlson uses pastel and sumi ink to make her images.


The artists write: Three of Dungog’s secret, black, and midnight hags brew up strong visions of their pure and violated land in Soul Seams.


For the trio’s secluded town, lately visited by death when rivers rose at night, sits in a land so tangled in contrasts that no one eye can see it. To some, the rural shire is gorgeousness itself, a lush throw of hills worshipping at the feet of the vast, unyielding Barrington Tops.


To others it is a forested asylum where inmates cultivate small parts of themselves free of the noise and confrontation of metropolitan life.


And then there are those prowlers of the Hunter, those drillers and samplers and scanners who do not see but instead survey, whose pupils forever dilate at the thought of clawing out more innards.


Soul Seams is a charm of powerful trouble, boiled in a cauldron of ceramics, acrylics on wood, and mixed media lined with ink of ash and bone.


Infected be the eyes whereon they ride.


57 Bull Street Cooks Hill