Eclectica runs until 6 November at Back to Back Galleries

Colleen MacSween, Hannah Matilda and Emilie Tseronis have been creating and exhibiting together
for years in the Great Lakes area with nature a theme common in their works.

Colleen’s solar prints, drawings and paintings lean toward realism and representational styling. A
focus on feathery friends is not unexpected given the Great Lakes region rivals Kakadu in the number
of bird species it is home to. Her birds are often imbued with character to be lovably quirky, or
otherwise simply realistic – and sometimes presented in her unique ‘Bird Stacks’.

Hannah Matilda’s creative practice is hand-built ceramic sculptures and textured semi-abstract
paintings. Her eye-catching ceramics exude flamboyant and colourful style, making everyday
subjects pop. Her idiosyncratic style is one of exuberance and fun.

An exponent of gestural style in print making, painting and drawing, Emilie Tseronis presents multi-
layered 2-D works that reveal more than a glimpse of their process of creation. Emilie’s mark making

and loose linework combine harmoniously to lead the viewer to see more than what’s there. Foliage
forms and banksia are a feature.

Overall, the Eclectica exhibition invites the viewer to be enveloped in an exciting, invigorating and
eclectic array of personal artistic interpretations of nature and the world around us. “We are hoping it provides a lively and bright interlude for everyone who visits,” say the artists.

57 Bull St, Cooks Hill