Sculpture – Small mixed-media
Ceramics – figurative and functional
Wall art – drawings, paintings and objects

Life’s Journey is Helen Liz Jackson’s first solo exhibition. It includes small mixed-media sculptures,
selected figurative and functional ceramics, some drawings and also a few paintings.

In her recently completed ‘Small Moments’ series, the artist has used a range of hand-formed and
found objects, including a few ready-mades. The various timber, stone and ceramics provide form
and texture to evoke diminutive worlds. These selected and assembled elements could have a nice
balance as stand-alone sculpts, but their ‘placeness’ is enhanced by the presence of little figures in
various situations. The small-scale of the constructed scenarios means the viewer needs to lean-in
and focus down for a moment.

There is also an interestingly eclectic display of other ceramic works in the exhibition, which express
some ecological-humanist concerns and this artist’s regard for the natural world. This eclectic solo
exhibition recognises that there are many episodes in any artistic journey


Tel 0401 059 171
Open Fri Sat Sun 11-5
57 Bull St