FB Cover Lambton Park Aug + Nov 2019

By completing this form you will be applying to become a stallholder at Art Bazaar at Lambton Park on Sunday 25 August 2019. 

BONUS OFFER! If you paid for a stall at the recent Art Bazaar Speers Point you will receive a $10.00 discount off your stall at Art Bazaar Lambton Park on Sunday 25 August! Pay only $60.00 for your stall at our next Art Bazaar! The offer is also valid for members who have already applied.

Participate at Art Bazaar at Lambton Park to be one of the Hunter Arts Network’s stallholders to offer a huge variety of local high quality original arts! Art Bazaar is being held on 25 August and 17 November this year. Lambton Park is located on the Corner of Howe & Morehead Sts, Lambton, so Art Bazaar will be surrounded by beautiful parklands & great scenery. Lambton is a densely populated residential area located around some of Newcastle’s main roads making it a convenient suburb for transport. Art Bazaar is also within easy walking distance from many cafes and venues, including the new Lambton Park Tea Rooms, Lambton Park Hotel, and more.

Applications are due by 15 July 2019 & once accepted we will issue an invoice. Payment must be made by 31 July 2019. The stall fee is $70 and HAN membership is from $65 per year. All stallholders must apply to become a member of HAN

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