City Evolutions is offering an excellent opportunity for Hunter Arts Network (HAN) members to see their artworks exhibited along Watt Street for the period of 29 November to 26 December as part of the Christmas illuminations.

You can’t get a bigger gallery or better exposure than that.

Your work will be projected on to the buildings of Watt Street with your name and Art Bazaar or Han logo which will be a great way to direct people to your work.

The theme for this time period is Christmas and Christmas stories. The Christmas theme is a guide and the works don’t need to be a literal interpretation of Christmas or santa themes. However bright happy images are a good guide. They are also wanting to have Christmas themed artworks for shopfronts, so if you do create works specific for this time, there may also be an opportunity to display them with pricing/contact details etc.

Council and City Evolutions will heavily promote this and Art Bazaar so there will be a very wide audience reach.


The artworks can be in any medium and then photographed in a high resolution format.

You need to email your images to Leah Fawthrop, President, HAN – before 10th November.

Artwork Formats: Artworks can be supplied either portrait or landscape. City Evolutions and Leah will “curate” the exhibition in accordance with what works where – some works may feature at more than one site.

For the Major Sites such as David Maddison Building, works best suited should be Landscape format – 1280 x 768 pixel canvases. High res files of up to 10 meg are great, however, files should still be in the aspect ratio. 1280 x 768 pixels.

Portrait images are also suitable for the other buildings.

Please include The Artists name – which will also be projected.

Please include the Title, medium, price, and size of the original artwork as a catalogue may be produced.

If you are interested in supplying video or animated files then this is also an option. Files should be provided in MP4 file.

This is an incredible opportunity and what a fun idea to create and make Christmas themed artworks!

For more information about City Evolutions visit