Susan Wicks began her exploration of the exhibition theme “Close To Home” by looking in the mirror, & then moving further afield to other rooms of her house, then outside to the garden, & finally to the local park which she visits every day. Trying to break away from the
strenuous realism of past paintings, she now practises working with larger, more expressive brushstrokes, revelling in the deep satisfaction gained from simply applying paint to a blank canvas, while still enjoying her inherent love of all colours.

Sherrel Oakey essentially loves to create and “play” using any medium and has found great inspiration and energy from the wonderfully honest and colourful art works of the children she has taught over the past 20 years. For this exhibition she uses acrylics and mixed media.
Having moved back to Carrington in the last three years she uses images ‘Close To Home’ which include the harbour, marina, beaches and still life arrangements found at home.

Megan Wisemantel has chosen ‘Cornerstones’ to explore the idea of ritual, belief and how we react when we feel the need to reassess both of these. She works predominantly with ceramic artwork which also incorporates mixed media in the form of materials, thread and
paper for their tactile qualities. The work utilises the impressions which a variety of textiles leave upon its surface much in the same way that our beliefs and experiences leave less visible yet real impressions on who we are. This series of sculptures celebrates the everyday
rituals we practice and act as cornerstones for our existence, which add up and become our lives. Megan been influenced by the Hindu shrines and alters she saw on travels to India and the laneway shrines seen in Italy. The work poses the question; when a cornerstone of our
life is removed how is balance regained?

Close to Home and Cornerstones opens 6.00pm Fri 3 October and runs from 3-19 OCtober, 2014

For further info and photo opportunities contact Jane Calthorpe, Publicity Officer, 0409 601155, 57 Bull Street Cooks Hill NSW 2300 T: 49 293 677 facebook
Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm