An exhibition of abstract paintings by Mal Cannon and Lydia Miller is displaying from 11 November to 5 December at Nanshe Studio Gallery. Opening Saturday 14 November from 1.30 featuring Songs by Grace Turner from her EP  “Long Way Home”



Mal Cannon started painting in 1983 at Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney and began to study the dynamics of form. His work is widely collected in Australia. Mal  is attracted to the drama of painting, the physicality of it. His long interest in the Eastern concepts of liberation, freedom from limitations and concepts of self has yet again produced an exceptional body of work for “Colour Rhythms.”

“…There is a relationship between the painter and the work which demands an honesty hard to sustain and even though i have studied classical styles, this work is not limited by that structure.”

Lydia Miller has been painting professionally for over 25 years and has studied Chinese brush painting with the late Chinese Master Chen Wen Hsi. Lydia has completed portraits for several leading political and academic figures and her work is in private collections in Australia, England, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden and New York. Lydia, has created a lushness together with strong movement for “Colour Rhythms” and has taken the traditional depiction of flowers to another level. “I only paint when I’ve got music in the background because it frees me up and helps connect me more quickly with my intuitive side.”