Robyn Outram and Cathe Stack

‘Connections’ brings together two artists who live in different cities but have a shared a journey of over twenty years through their art. Using the language of both ceramics and sculpture they explore their interest in minimal aesthetics, materials and form. Both are influenced by the physical and emotional landscape, body and memory, the tangible and intangible, abstract and concrete ideas. Although the works can stand alone spatial and formal relationships create new meanings. Connections are made on many levels in this exhibition, between medium, surface qualities, forms and ideas taken from the domestic arena. Robyn’s work distorts and manipulates familiar domestic objects and vessels and Cathe uses ceramic and timber forms to respond to architectural concerns linking body and mind in the built domestic environment.

‘Connections’ runs from Fri 9 May to Sun 25 May, 2014

57 Bull Street Cooks Hill NSW 2300 T: 49 293 677