Please join us at Back to Back Galleries (57 Bull St, Cooks Hill) at 6pm on Friday June 1st for the opening of DRIFT.  Debra Liel-Brown (paintings), Caroline Hale (ceramics) and Jenni Jervis (ceramics) use an association with water to express the idea of DRIFT.  And on Saturday June 2, please come and spend time and have a drink with the artists.

Caroline: These days I am drifting and gliding lightly through life, I have no set path or expectations and it’s a good place to be – it’s gentle. I’m not railing at fate, not precious, things come and they go easily. I have used the image of coracle rowing-boats to describe this feeling. They bounce and dance on the water as they travel between shores.

Debra:  I live half an hour from the coast – it’s hot. When I’m working in my studio, I am often struck with life threatening cravings for a ‘blue fix’ of sea, sky and gentle coast breezes. Water has a soothing, hypnotic effect on me …. the grip of time shrinks to right here and now, I am content to drift.

Jenni: Beachcombing brings the joy of finding miniature sculptures, – shells, driftwood and seed pods, moulded over time.  These objects, which began as pristine vehicles for life, were carried by rivers or oceans and dumped on some faraway beach. Some grow and colonize new life, others are broken, smoothed, bleached and eroded. This flotsam can symbolise a drifting migration by water, land or imagination.

The exhibition runs from June 1st to 17th.   Gallery hours:  11-5 (Fri, Sat, Sun)