Featuring artworks by 6 local members of Newcastle Studio Potters Inc.

Heather Campbell, Joan Robinson, Denise Spalding, Nicola Purcell, Patricia Luck and June Wheen.

Opening celebration: Friday 9th September 2016. 6pm.

Exhibition dates: Friday 9th September – Sunday 25th September 2016

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 11am-5pm

Childhood is filled with enchantment, when story time takes you to lands “far far away” and the tales of princes and princesses always end with “happily ever after”. Childhood fantasies allow the imagination to create fairies in the garden, make wishes come true, see faces in the clouds and have tea parties with toys. Make Believe gives a child the freedom to become a superhero, to travel to foreign lands, to be friends with dragons and unicorns and to have adventures with giants.

Enchanted is about the “imaginings of childhood”.

Enchantment can catch an adult by surprise – the first sight of a newborn, the glimpse of moonlight in the garden or the sight or sound that releases memories of childhood. Fantasy allows an adult to escape the mundane and visualise something that is desirable and can be reached with belief and effort.

Enchanted is also about the “surprises and life gifts” in adulthood.

In this exhibition a Story Teller Doll and Children introduce the enchanted garden theme, the home of Gumnut Babies, Fairies and Tree People and where colourful birds fly and adventurous children explore. Story telling also features as the decoration on plates and bowls with colourful images of enchanted castles and woodland creatures all of which recapture the enchantment of bedtime tales.


imaginings of childhood