Endangered Heritage is offering a rare opportunity to private and public
museum staff and experts for a limited time only.

How would you like to know more about the potential hazards the items in
you collection pose to both you and the rest of your collection? Hazards
like the plastic handles of the saucepans in your lab are possibly 70%
asbestos. Our skilled directing conservators Victoria and Andrew Pearce
will be running the conference. Between the two of them they have Over 30
years of conservation experience, dealing with a wide range of different
institutions and collections both nationally and internationally. With
such experience there is no two people more qualified to inform you about
the dangers of your collection.

The 2 day workshop will focus on
– Handling hazardous materials, objects,
– Handling toxic and potentially fatal items and gases
– Providing Specialist Knowledge about the material science of your
– Risk Identification
– Storage
Make sure you don’t miss this priceless opportunity that could potentially
save the life of the staff and certainly extend the life of your
Come in to Endangered Heritage at 3/17 Dundas Court Phillp ACT or
call/Email us on 62828386 or enquiries@endangeredheritage.com to find out
The Conference will be held in the CONFERENCE ROOM of the NATIONAL FILM
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