You are invited to the exhibition opening on Friday 14 July from 5pm – 6.30pm. Please come along and meet the artists and view the exhibition while enjoying refreshments. All welcome.

Exhibition dates – 15 July – 23 July 2023
Open weekends 10am – 4pm


Ken weaves articles such as scarves, shawls, floor rugs, homewares, and wall hangings. His goal is to turn beautiful yarns into individual articles that will give the owner that special feeling. Ken’s weaving ranges from classic and earthy, to funky and energetic. All articles are individually designed and handwoven using beautiful fibres, sourced from around the world, including silk, alpaca, cotton, tencel (lyocell), bamboo, and fine wool. Ken enjoys the intellectual work of pattern design, and making the threads move to produce a unique and stable fabric. He uses a 6-shaft countermarch loom for a consistent and even weave for articles up to 80 cm in width; a heavy duty, shaft-switching jack loom for making rugs up to 150 cm in width; a 16-shaft computer-assisted loom for intricate designs and fine weaves; and a portable table loom for demonstration purposes.

Lyn has been weaving, spinning, felting, and dyeing fibres along with many aspects of the fibre industry for many years. Her love is to make an individual piece, to make the wearer feel special. Her studio is full of fabulous fibres, yarns and embellishments which allows her to be able to create that special piece. Her weaving is unique in colours and styles. Creation is what she loves to do.
Lyn’s art is based on Saori weaving. Saori weavers get inspired by yarn & Colours. This inspiration contributes to the best quality of her work. Lyn selects the best yarn first (silk, cotton, wool), and then has a clear image of what she wants to create.
Her other love is Eco Dyeing. She loves to experiment with different
mordants, flowers, leaves and plants to get the wonderful designs on Silk, Linen, Cotton & Wool.

“I took my first cut through the rough dirty exterior of a piece of timber
to reveal the beautiful grain underneath and was captivated. It was at
that moment that I decided to learn woodturning as my hobby.
New to woodturning, I have started out with pens, key rings and bits
and pieces. I just can’t wait to see where it takes me on my journey,
manipulating the colour and patterns in the wood to complement the
form, along with the texturing and turning to create the piece. Let’s
face it “Wood is Good”. I am inspired by many natural things and use
wood of all descriptions to make my pieces.”