You are invited to join us at the opening of “Icons”.

Back to Back Galleries, 57 Bull Street, Cooks Hill

The title ‘Icons’ generates a feeling of veneration and respect. Nicola Purcell and Alison Green convey their response to that theme in their respective mediums of ceramics and screenprinted textiles.

Alison’s framed and mounted Wall Pieces of screenprinted fabric sample the tradition of natural history illustration that permeates Australia’s past. Her focus is Natural History Icons, spanning a range of mainly winged and endangered species to highlight the fragility of an earth-based existence.

For Nicola, inspiration draws upon her interest in religions of the world and their use of imagery. She takes different elements and mixes them together to give a new meaning. Being also inspired by the natural world she uses universal patterns (paisley and henna prints) in her work.

The exhibition runs from November 12th to November 28th.

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc & Back to Back Galleries is for ceramic artists, potters, clay workers, sculptors, art lovers and collectors.

Gallery Hours: Friday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm
Location: 57 Bull Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300
Website: www.newcastlepotters.org.au