After the recent ongoing deluge of rain, Council’s main concern is cars becoming bogged on the grassed areas of Lambton Park. All stallholders must now ensure their vehicles stick to the footpaths along the rose garden and through the trees, and unload from there – SO NO CARS ON THE GRASS.

We suggest stallholders who might need assistance to ask a friend or family member to help them set up and pack down and bring weights as the ground is soft after the rain and pegs may not hold in winds.

Tomorrow when we email bump in information this will include specific arrival times as we need to have strict control of vehicle movement. Damage to the grounds is a liability so great care must be taken and adhered to.

Coffee and food trucks and musicians will be moved to a drier spot, which means they’ll have to use their generators rather than the power box.

Thank you for your co-operation and we are otherwise set for a stellar day on Sunday!