HUNTER ARTS NETWORK ART BAZAAR would like to invite all stallholders to participate in what we believe to be a very important study. We would also encourage you to share this invitation with your business networks.

If you want to do something to improve markets, small and micro business and indeed your Business we think this survey is an important device to do this as it will realise vitally important information that will be used to represent and inform governments and peak bodies as well as future research into Hobby, Small and Micro business issues.

Secure link to the Anonymous Survey:

This study is by Dr Darius Pfitzner at Charles Darwin University who is a research in the field of business. Darius has owned and run businesses like yours, knows how difficult it is to get government support and recognition and is very interested in establishing policy to assist hobby, small and micro Business’s. This important work will help giving you a voice with councils, peak bodies and state and federal governments.

For a brief background on the work please read the article linked below.

Link to research: