Dates: Friday 2nd October – Sunday 18th October

Opening: 3.00pm Saturday 3rd October 2015

Back to Back Galleries presents a new exhibition, showcasing artworks by Lesley Goldacre, Lara Seresin and Robyn Outram.

The works in ‘land  forms  memories’ explore the confluence of the physical and the emotional landscape. The artists have a mutual fascination with memory, be it personal or collective, and how it impacts on their understanding of ‘place’ and their relationship to it. This interest is reflected in the interplay between the concrete and the abstract through the manipulation of forms and surface.

Lara Seresin’s paintings emerge from her daily sojourns to a place where the ocean meets the land on a stretch of the Illawarra coast. Humbled by this constant but ever changing landscape, she watches the light play on the rocks, the reeds and the grassy slopes- her mind releasing its grip on the tangible. In that space she is reminded of the continuity of life and her place in it.

Robyn Outram’s ceramic forms reflect her interest in the archaeology of objects; the histories they evoke and the connections they suggest when brought into juxtaposition with contemporary materials. Ring and crown forms are fashioned from terracotta to represent the power and identity that has been imposed on the physical and political landscape over time.

Lesley Goldacre’s photographic series ‘Motherland’ is a response to the powerful connection she feels to the country of her childhood- the Monaro. The spectacular evening skies, the ancient curvature of the horizon and the endlessly varied outlines of the tortured trees on the ridges. These images are pot shots-made whilst moving at speed. They echo a kind of state of mind and toy with the larger idea of impermanence and transience.

Newcastle Studio Potters is a not for profit incorporated association supporting ceramic artists. Its gallery Back to Back Gallery while presenting exhibitions in various media, focuses on traditional and contemporary ceramics.

Back to Back Galleries

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