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Hunter Arts Network members & guests are invited to meet up at The Arts Emporium on Thursday  11 August 2016 from 10am to 12pm. Relax & socialise over tea, coffee & nibblies, share ideas & experiences, & be inspired by your fellow members!  Entry is free. Please RSVP to

The Arts Emporium is located at 2 Pearson Street, Lambton. When looking at the building you will see a 2 storey red brick building, with white columns out the front. On the right hand side of the building is a gate, walk through this gate and the artist studios are at the back of the building.

About The Arts Emporium

We teach adults and children, from 5 to 105, Fine and Visual Arts and Crafts, across all genre, from traditional to contemporary. We also specialise, from ‘raw beginner’s’ and ‘nervous returners’, to professional working artists, in helping guide our creatives on their own personal art journey. We are not great believers in the ‘you either have it or you don’t’ mythology – because we believe everyone has the capacity to be creative and able to experience, participate and enjoy the benefits and pleasures of art, to meet their ability, interest and participation.

So for us, experimentation, imagination, persistence, resilience and creativity are the ingredients we encourage, then develop them with good teaching, interesting classes, achievable, positive outcomes, individual support and warm encouragement. And for our children? We take our teaching and mentoring roles very seriously and try to bring them challenges, joy, achievement and wonder through their art – because we are passionate about developing creative citizens, towards a creative future!

Because we don’t teach ‘bulk classes’, with everyone doing the same thing at the same time, we focus on the individual artist’s needs and so we both lead and follow. So our courses are not about creating the next Michelangelo or meeting exam criteria – although we acknowledge that human capacity is phenomenal and that may also be a possibility. We are about trying to bring creativity into your life and our community, so you can reach your fullest creative potential and experience the great pleasure and emotional, social and intellectual benefits of participating in Art and The Arts. So we work hard to provide a creative environment, providing challenge and diverse experiences and build expertise and confidence through good teaching. So after we’ve taught you good basic skills and knowledge (‘Renaissance’ – style!) we’re really going to enjoy helping you pursue both your ambitions and your flights of imagination!