Artists: Nicola Bolton, Linda Greedy and Anne Gazzard

Dates: 10th July – 26th July, Opening @ 6.00pm Fri 10th July 2015.

Vence is a small medieval village thirty minutes’ drive from Nice, in the hills of the south of France and has always attracted artists, writers and poets.

From 1943 until 1949, recuperating from ill health, Henri Matisse retreated to Vence for six years, living and working from his home, Villa la Reve.

The art works in this exhibition by Nicola Bolton and Linda Greedy are from a weeklong visit to Vence and Villa La Reve in July 2014 as part of a tour with artist Wendy Sharpe. Anne Gazzard’s works too are inspired by recollections of a visit to Vence.

Linda GreedyVence is ‘ateem’ with dogs. The French are renowned for their love of dogs – so prevalent and so much a part of the French psyche. My family and I share that love – so for me it was impossible not to observe the people of Vence and their dogs.

Nicola BoltonVence was the most captivating little French town, full of history and stories. The windows in Vence are themselves works of art. They have the most beautiful coloured shutters, often crooked with time and exquisite ironwork. Like Linda, I also found the dogs of Vence full of humour and have tried to capture this in my small ceramic sculptures of the local dogs.

Anne GazzardAlthough not sharing Linda and Nicola’s experiences in Vence, I too have visited this part of France just a few years ago. It has a character all of its own which is very evocative. My ceramic works capture some of the colours of Vence and the Cote DÁzur/ Provence region, along with the textures of cobbled streets and stone walls, wrought iron balconies, the beautiful archways, and yes even some of the typical scents of the area. I hope viewing my ceramics will transport you to the place to enjoy Vence as I have done.

The exhibition will be opened on Fri 10th July at 6.30 pm by Liz Burcham, Newcastle City Council Cultural Facilities Director. On this evening you can escape the

winter in Newcastle and enjoy a touch of the south of France, with wines generously supplied by Allandale wines.

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