Back to Back Galleries presents two new exhibitions featuring ceramic works by the members of Newcastle Studio Potters Inc.

Dates: 17 June – 3 July      Opening @ 6.00pm Fri 17 June 2016

Blue on White – Blue on white ceramics have long been a much admired tradition, from ancient Chinese vessels to Moroccan tiles, from Delft ware to Wedgewood.  This exhibition follows this tradition focusing on the fresh blue on white theme.

On display will be hand crafted and decorated plates, platters, mugs, jugs and bowls (both tiny and generous) for alfresco entertaining. For the garden there are pots and planters as well as tiles and plaques to brighten the courtyard walls.

Naked Flames – The distinctive results of two ancient types of firings, pit and raku.

The beautiful pots were fired at Singleton on the weekend of May 21, in either the long sawdust or hardwood filled pit, or in the three raku kilns fed by gas burners.

Both firing methods were spectacular to watch and the pots are unique with the decoration depending upon the intensity of the naked flame and the materials that touched each piece.

The first day concluded with the raku pots on display on log plinths and the potters sitting around a roaring camp fire enjoying wood fired pizza and good company.

Three days later the pit was uncovered, the ashes dusted aside and the second group of pots was revealed.