The exhibition Nightmares will be showing at Newcastle Art Space Gallery from 10-27 October 2013.

This is the third year for artists Eric & Robyn Werkhoven to curate a dramatic & provocative themed exhibition. Twenty two professional Hunter Valley artists have been invited to face the challenge to create an artwork interpreting & exploring the subject nightmares. The exhibition will include painting, sculpture, photography & installations.

We usually spend more than two hours each night dreaming. “The definition of a nightmare is an unpleasant dream that may cause a strong negative emotional reaction from the mind, usually fear, horror, despair, angst, death & sadness”.

Exhibiting artists include:

Ric Woods Maree Nichols Debra Liel-Brown Ben Kenning Bea Jones Michael Garth Judy Henry Katherine Sullivan Andrew Finnie Sally Bourke Sherrel Oakey Margo Dugan Laraine Palmer Dawn ThompsonChristine Pike Peter Ronne Ann Sutherland Laura Jefferson Helene Leane Ros Elkin Eric & Robyn Werkhoven

Further Information contact:
Robyn Werkhoven
Phone: 49389 572

246 Parry Street Hamilton South
Exhibition Dates: 10 – 27 October 2013
HOURS: Thursday – Sunday 12 noon – 5pm