No Artist Is An Island – The Lockup

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19 November – 5 December

noartistNo Artist Is An Island is the result of a four month, long distance dialogue between three emerging artists – Liam Benson, Lucas Grogan and Belinda Howden. Between their three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, the online relationship covered a range of topics including cultural identity and Australia’s colonial history. Each artist uses their investigations into personal identity as a way of exploring what it means to be Australian today.

Please join us for an opening night performance by Liam Benson and Lucas Grogan.

6pm, 19 November 2010

Location: 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle

Gallery Hours: Weds – Thurs – 10am – 4pm, Fri – Sun – 10am – 5pm

Phone: 02 4925 2265

Email: [email protected]


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