An exhibition by The Athena group

Opening Friday 19 June 2015 6pm

Exhibition runs until 4 July

57 Bull St, Newcastle

The group includes Jeanne Harrison, Helene Leane, Varelle and Amanda Hardy, Faye Collier, Sue Stewart, Pat Davidson, Bronwyn Greive, Sandra Burgess and Julie-Anne Ure.  These artists work in a wide range of media, ceramic and textiles, printmaking, photography, painting and sculpture. None of the group is afraid to step into another media if it suits their exploration of a theme.

The Artists write: Some of the themes explored relate to media, others focus on a personal or social issue and some develop both simultaneously. The works play with deception: of scale, perspective, the juxtaposition of objects, media which appears to be, or becomes, something else.  Themes range from landscape, including the hidden beauty of ordinary insignificant places, to the distortions created by water in tiled swimming pools.  The issues embraced are diverse.  The real cost of cheap clothing, the protection of our land in the Coal Seam Gas fight, even the transient and personal nature of perception.

not as it seems