Dates: 27 March – 12 April, Opening @ 6.00pm Fri 27 March 2015

Back to Back Galleries presents two painters, Laraine Palmer and Anne- Marie Hall and ceramic artist Nicola Purcell

For Laraine Palmer ‘Pulse’ represents the way we perceive and use colour. When colours are placed together they pulse. When staring at a white surface colours seem to be pulsating from it. It’s like a gyrating wave of a colour. We interact with colour all the time it is a part and parcel of our lives, If a person stares at a red colour for 30 seconds or more, the cells in your retina that respond to red will fatigue and will fire less. When you change and stare at a white surface, your eyes subtract the red and you will see its complementary colour green. My works for this exhibition have been created with the above in mind to give the viewer different sensations when absorbing these images.

Anne- Marie Hall states colour holds a deep fascination and passion for me, it makes my soul resonate and sing. Acrylic paints are my preferred medium because when I apply them opaquely, I achieve the intensity of colour I love. My flower paintings, invite a fuller gaze of the intense colour and beauty within. I found my soul connection with nature’s warm colour palettes whilst living in Australia’s Tropical North. Through the medium of paint I invite the viewer to appreciate the majesty and rugged beauty of our spectacular land, and its fascinating wild life.

Nicola Purcell says colour, design and decoration form an integral part of my creative process. Techniques involve throwing on the wheel and hand forming from teapots to sculptural forms. I draw my inspiration from observations of the natural world and my love of ancient cultures.

57 Bull Street Cooks Hill NSW 2300 T: 49 293 677 Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm