Do you want to be on this fantastic television show which promotes arts and education across Australia?

The TV series & website Put Some Colour In Your Life, began three years ago, & brings Art, Education and the Environment into Australian living rooms, promoting Artists via television and the web.

The series goes to air Sundays at 7.00pm, on the 4ME channel.

Colour In Your Life is always looking for new artists to be on the show & Hunter Arts Network would like to alert Hunter based artisans about this opportunity & encourage to apply. If you would like to take your career as an artist to the next level, and market yourself to a national audience, then this is how.

A Colour In Your Life episode takes one day to film, on location at your studio (alternative arrangements can be made if the artist wishes to travel to meet the team).

The show centres around finding artists around Australia, documenting where they work and the techniques used to create their amazing pieces. A recent show presented Madeliene Ekeblad of Macleay Island, who founded the Onward Motivational School for Artists. Madeleine was only too eager to participate, saying “it was one of the best things I have ever done, and already I am getting results.”

The weekly show links to the Colour In Your Life website. The website hosts artist information, works, blogs, and educational sessions, and is FREE to anyone to join up.

Artists of Australia are finding it harder to market their work these days, with over 40% of galleries having closed in the last four years. To address this, artist Graeme Stevenson has created an all new Art Show for national TV called ‘Put Some Colour In Your Life’.

Nothing like this has been done before in Australia. Most artists just don’t know how to make people aware of what they’re doing. Colour In Your Life will change that. They’re creating a library of the minds and talents of Artists and enabling investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right brained people.

The costs involved in being on the show vary depending on the distance the team needs to travel. If you’re within an hour of Murwillumbah, situated just south of the NSW/QLD border, the cost for an episode is $4,400.00.

For the team to fly out, the cost is $4,800.00. This is to cover accommodation, flights, and any necessary vehicles to travel to and from the artists home.

All Artists are required to sign a contract with Colour In Your Life, which includes a Talent, Location and Release deed. These contracts are available for viewing upon request.

How to raise funds to appear on the show

Approach local businesses with a sponsorship proposal emphasizing that the artwork you are selling will contribute to funding your appearance on one episode of Colour in Your Life, dedicated to showcasing yourself & your work, & in return the business’ name will be included in the Colour in Your Life TV show closing credits, & a link on the Sponsors page on the Colour in Your Life website. The artist will be responsible for obtaining the sponsor/s details & supplying this to Colour in Your Life.

For assisting Colour in Your Life find artists for their series, they have agreed to include Hunter Arts Network as a sponsor so don’t forget to mention Hunter Arts Network as one of your sponsors! Please let us know if this is something you will be embarking on & keep us updated with your progress, email

Contact Colour In Your Life on any of the links below, and make sure you put some colour in your life!