The September / October  issue 12 of ARTS ZINE features  interviews with  nationally and internationally recognised painter  Susana Enriquez and photographer Edmond Thommen.

We are featuring interviews with writers and gallery directors.  Author Damien Passmore talks about his life and book Premortal. Writer/poet Magdalena Ball  joins the Zine this month, check out her Compulsive Reader blog. Artists and gallery directors, Ahn Wells and Leslie Duffin,  tell us about their art practice  and why they chose to open art  galleries.  Lorraine Fildes presents a delightful article on Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga, Latvia.Our intrepid  interviewer Nigel Nerd has been and luckily returned from North Korea after an audience with Kim Pong-un.

Submissions welcomed, for words and  art works in future editions.  DEADLINE FOR NEXT  November  ISSUE 12  –  is October 15TH. Submit articles to email:

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