Stacking resists beside, as well as on top of each other, allows the felter a multitude of possibilities for making innovative forms in 3 dimensions. Using resists in this way enables intricate, complicated, and unusual shapes within your felting projects. This class will begin with 2 small experiments, felting multiple resists together to produce shapes such as segmented seedpods, multi-chambered vessels and imaginary animals. Students will then have the opportunity to further explore and develop their own projects using these two methods, and combining the two methods together. This may be a small wearable, sculptural vessel, or sculpture. You will be amazed at the possibilities when stacking resists. Move beyond the simple solitary resist and explore the next dimension! Suitable only for people who have already done the basics of feltmaking

Dates: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Friday 8-Sunday 10 August 2014

Cost: $360 (GST inclusive) including a scummy morning tea and lunch

Venue: 246 Parry St; East Hamilton (free parking at back of the building)

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