Exhibition opening Friday 12 September at 6pm

The exhibition includes the latest work from the Anthena Group – Amanda Hardy, Bronwyn Greive, Faye Collier, Helene Leane, Jeanne Harrison, Julie-Anne Ure, Pat Davidson, Varelle Hardy and Sandra Burgess.

A defining feature of this group is diversity. The artists work in a range of mediums and approaches. TEXT explores a range of interpretations of text using images.

Amanda Hardy has photographs of architecture and text, Bronwyn Greive explores text nearly 3,000 years old but still with the power to inspire, Faye Collier reads the fleeting text of expressions on human faces in her prints, Helene Leane worked with music as text, Jeanne Harrison produced a range of artists’ books, Julie-Anne Ure uses aphorisms to create an interplay between text, intention and interpretation, Pat Davidson exposes the ‘con’ text of some of our cultural speech, Varelle Hardy has used text as part of the design in her mixed media works, and Sandra Burgess has created delicate porcelain and paper flowers, encased in glass, based on a poem by S.T. Coleridge.

The exhibition runs from 12 to 28 September
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-5
57 Bull St Cooks Hill