Opening celebration: Friday 30th September 2016 6pm.

Exhibition dates: Friday 30th September – Sunday 16th October 2016

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 11am-5pm

A New Exhibition featuring work from a diverse group of Newcastle Artists: Brett Alexander, Kim Blunt, Soozie Coumbe, Brian Cox, Caroline Hale, Varelle Hardy, Anne-Maree Hunter, Nathan Keogh, Camille Kersley, Margaret McBride, Giselle Penn, Philippe Ribbons and Sharon Taylor.

The Barbie and Ken show is a response to a toy that was ubiquitous but also highly sought after in our childhoods.

It was a toy imbued with the hopes and dreams of innocence.

The fantasies and frustrations of generations of children can be seen in the artefacts that remain.