A Cricket Art Prize painting is a composition depicting an aspect of the game and sport of cricket in settings of backyard cricket, street-cricket, beach cricket or social-cricket. The style may be representative, modern or semi-abstract. Acceptable media are: Paintings – oil, acrylic, water-colour or mixed media on canvass or artists paper. The first prize of $20,000 has been generously underwritten by Kevin Maloney, founder and Executive Chairman of The MAC Services Group.

There is an image pre-selection process in which a CD or DVD containing high quality digital / jpeg images of the artist’s painting should accompany the completed entry form. It costs $30 to enter and a completed entry form should be received by the organisers in the month of September 2009 BEFORE Friday, 25 September 2009.

Cricket, in all its forms is a national pastime, especially in our long summer. It brings people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities together. Art echoes the emotions, beliefs and prejudices in a community that influence thought, behaviour and personality. This art prize endeavours to join together the cricket-community and the art-world from their contrasting ‘ecosystems’ in our national-psyche.

The Judges Panel is made up of:

  • Stuart MacGill
  • John McDonald
  • Anneke van der Pal
  • Dr. Dick Quan
  • and John Windus

The inaugural exhibition will be at:
The Members Pavilion of the Sydney Cricket Ground: Thursday 8th Oct – Sunday 25th Oct 2009
then travelling to The Melbourne Cricket Ground: Monday 21st Dec 2009 – Thursday 7th Jan 2010

The Cricket Art Prize fundraises for two charities i.e. The Ponting Foundation and The McGrath Foundation.

The Organisers: The Publishers’ Cup Inc is a non-profit association. The main purpose is to organise and develop social-cricket between a variety of publishing, broadcasting, online media and arts & entertainment companies. Building on the strong links that the Publishers’ Cup Inc has had with the art-world, in 2008, the committee decided to create an art prize that celebrates the deep and rich history of the game and sport of cricket.

For further information, visit the Publishers’ Cup website at: www.publisherscup.org.au

There is also a promotional video on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpUQ0fM4LOI