AN array of quirky materials – including hoola hoops, dupioni silk, faux bluebirds and feathers – were used by Siahn Spiers to create her unique birdcage dress

The piece by the 19-year-old from Maryland will be featured at the upcoming Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair.

It will be shown alongside professional exhibits as part of the Texstyle exhibition – showcasing the best NSW and ACT HSC Textile creations.

On show will be techniques and designs, including fabric sculpture, beading, applique, embroidery and patchwork.

Ms Spiers, who went to Callaghan College Jesmond, said the design was a challenging motif, that took seven months to create.

Inspired by bluebirds from books she was studying, Ms Spiers said it took five weeks experimenting with materials to make sure the design was even possible.

Since graduating from the college last year, Ms Spiers has taken a gap year off, working part-time and continuing with creative textile pursuits in her spare time.

She said she hadn’t ruled out a career in fashion design.