Hunter Arts Network’s next Art Bazaar at Lambton Park is being held on Sunday 19 November 2023 from 9am to 3pm!

Bump in information
We email bump in information to all stallholders within 24 hours before the event which shows what times and where you can drive on, unload, drive off, park your car, return and set up. This information will also be posted on our website and socials at the same time. After you have driven to the designated bump in area unload your vehicle and then move your vehicle to the on street parking and then come back and start setting up your stall.

We are very grateful to have Newcastle Men’s Shed helping us again on the day. Newcastle Men’s Shed will be available to assist bumping in and bumping out to those who need it from 6.30am – 9.30am and 3.00pm – 4.30pm 

Remember safety comes first and our major concern is the wind

Provide your own 3 x 3 metre market tent – this MUST be a good quality gazebo for example OZTrail

Download our promo kit to help us broadcast the event

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Art Bazaar has been held every year since 2002 and has maintained a loyal following and fan base for over 20 years. The event showcases the wide variety of Hunter Arts Network members who have been carefully selected for their unique, high quality, original, handmade artisan products. 

Here are some of the stallholders who will be having a stall at Art Bazaar:
Stovie Creations – Kate Wilson
Mi-Chelle’s – Michelle Watt
Jay and the Little People – Justine Atkinson
Kim Martin – hats
Eugenia Dunlevie – original paintings
Created by Us – Lyn Abbott (Spinner, Weaver, Eco Dyer & other fibre arts), Ken Hall (Weaver), Bruce Abbott (Woodturner)
Annie’s Art – Annie Hayes
Warped & Twisted Creations
Art by Kim Lundy
Art Works by Howard
Ann Margaret Mills
Kerrin Louise Art
Janet Graham
Cherry Road Art Studio Pat Davidson
Emma Dawes Art
Georgous Creations
Margo Humphries Art – original paintings
Vonnies Art
ALLSOPP, Rochelle
Eleanor Anson
Anna Baba
Sam Blanks
See Ya Sista – Dianna Boyd
Fuican Create – Rachael Cross
Fancy Nancy Ceramics
Kathy Langlade
Mollie Lennon
Amajal Creations
Stella Bella
Pictures by Kylie
Lambo Art
Kute Pinnies
Raining Starrs
Studio KY
Serendipity Custom
Ally’s Glass Chimes
Franca Sibert
Odd Pots – Lee Todd
Celtic Stag Giftware and Mens Jewellery
Bush Ink
May Yates
Chrissy Young

Food Trucks
Crescent Food

Here are some handy tips for stallholders:

Provide your own table
Provide hand sanitizer and wipes
Display your Covid Safe Policy
Charge your Square reader
Bring an extra battery source for your phone
Take pictures on your phone of your market set up so you can refer back to pictures of the previous market and also for sharing on socials including ours, and tag #hanartbazaar #hunterartsnetwork
Clothing to cover all hot/cold options & sun protection
Tablecloths to cover the tables
Paper carry bags and paper bags (customise these with business cards) for sales
Normally we recommend bringing a float however due to Covid cashless is now preferred
Business cards, flyers, signage
Tissue paper/bubble wrap depending on what you are selling
Display stands/items for your work….you can be creative with this ie old suitcases/timber children’s chairs/jewellery trees that seem to pop up everywhere in home stores etc
Small kit of stationery items ie scissors/safety pins/black marker texta/sticky tape
Pack the car the night before
Leave your day to day handbag at home and only take what is essential for security reasons/bring a small crossover bag for your change/ or bumbag
If you are by yourself tell ALL your friends to drop in and say hello so you at least get a toilet break!
Introduce yourself to your neighbouring stalls
Chains or mesh to hang from the market tent to hang wall art
Collect customer details
Plenty of drinking water
If you make clothes of jewellery, wear it on the day
Be doing something with your hands, sewing or painting or other making as people like seeing creative people being creative, it not only creates a topic of conversation but you are not sitting there starring at the customer, freaking them out