TWO DAY WORKSHOP: Carborundum Printmaking with Karen Ball

Dates: 4-5 November 2017
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm
Cost: $242.47 for NPW members | $263.46 non members
Enquiries: Contact Megan Lewis 
Venue: Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, 27 Popran Road, Adamstown NSW

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Carborundum is fine metal filings and is used by printmakers in various ways. When it is attached with PVA glue to a plastic or card substrate it forms a strong abrasive surface. That surface will hold etching ink in a very dense, velvety manner. Prints will be rich and dark – similar to aquatint but without the need to melt rosin or use any acid or ‘biting’ solution. Karen will explain the principles of strong composition and each student will receive individual attention. Carborundum prints will be completed at the two day workshop. Students should bring along any of their own images as inspiration. This can be drawings, photographs or similar.

Karen Ball has a Bachelor of Visual art (Hons1st class) and Master of Visual Art from Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney). Karen makes print-based, conceptual, two and three dimensional works. In addition to her art practice, Karen is an arts writer, contributing print based articles to Collections Magazine (University of Melbourne) and Imprint magazine (The Print Council of Australia). Karen is a member of, and has held executive positions for Sydney Printmakers and Open Bite Printmakers, NSW.
“I enjoy teaching others the wonders of printmaking. My classes include experienced and beginner printmakers – everyone learns from each other. I encourage each student to find their own aesthetic and make prints which are personal to them. That usually means each student is working on something different which adds to the interest for all. As a class, we talk about context, art history, composition and what makes an image work successfully. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, inclusive.”

Contemporary Printmaking Class: Beginners to Intermediate
beginners to intermediate

Thursday Day Classes with Linda Swinfield. 10 week course

Dates: 12 October to 14 December 2017
Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm
Cost: $399.90 Members | $420.89 Non Members | Half Term $263.46
Enquiries: Contact Linda Swinfield 
Venue: Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, 27 Popran Road Adamstown NSW.

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Our Thursday morning group introduces printmaking to beginners and intermediate printmaking enthusiasts can come along to develop and learn new skills in printmaking. The course content will be based on enrolled students needs and will include mono-printing, stencilling, relief printing, basic screen printing, collagraphy and intaglio techniques. Our Thursday morning group has a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on experimentation and fun in print!

Linda Swinfield is a multi- disciplinary printmaker based in Toronto, NSW. Her print processes stretches toward the sculptural, utilizing drawing, traditional photography and digital technologies. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from The University of Newcastle NSW. Up until April 2013 Swinfield was a Fine Arts educator at TAFE NSW for 14 years within three institutes. She is now and independent artist, educator and curator.

Printmaking: Beginners and Beyond
beginners and beyond

Thursday Evening Classes with Megan Lewis. 8 Week Course

Dates: 12 October to 30 November 2017
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Cost: $368.93 NPW Members | $391.92 Non Members
Enquiries: Contact Megan Lewis
Venue: Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, 27 Popran Road Adamstown NSW.

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This hands on course is ideal for beginners, creatives wanting some fresh ideas or past printmakers wanting to get back into this exciting media. During the 8 weeks participants will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of techniques including monoprint, drypoint, lino block, collagraph and stencilling. Combining methods and printing multiple plates offer a plethora of possibilities. Etching on aluminium, a more complicated process will be introduced in the later weeks of the course.

Megan Lewis is a passionate printmaker with over 20 years experience in Adult Education. The use of safer alternative materials and methods has influenced Megan’s art practice and teaching. Come along to this relaxed yet productive evening class, learn new skills and make some art works worth framing.