Eight energetic, enthusiastic artists with plenty of ‘verve’ extend their artistic boundaries to find the unexpected through exploring line, form, texture and colour. Sharon Taylor uses ceramics to capture the energy and force of nature echoing the strength and power of the natural landscape. Susan Myerson’s emphasis on lyrically inspired figurative work readily coexists alongside her focus on form and tactile surfaces in her garden sculptures.

In contrast, Vicki Hamilton creates a narrative of emotional tension when her sculptured dogs are portrayed as entertainment and pleasure, against a narrative of animal cruelty. Also expressing narratives in their paintings are mixed media artists, Jill Campbell and Bev Leggett Simmons. Campbell applies adventurous colour to create emotional dimensions and extra vibrancy to her natural environment paintings, whereas Leggett Simmons adopts a time-lapse narrative to a series of paintings of one coastal scene to capture changing colours and the movement of light from early morning until late at night. Inspired by her surrounding landscape, Shelagh Lummis applies her usual concise and confident painting style built on colour and form, to create liveliness in her subject, the horse. Abstract artist Stephanie Berick combines line and texture within a limited palette, which results in simple objects being transformed by adventures in line and movement and Cath McCarthy uses abstraction which is central to her strong desire to keep vibrancy alive in her work.

‘Verve’ runs from Fri 20 June to Sun 6 July, 2014

57 Bull Street Cooks Hill NSW 2300 T: 49 293 677