Art Bazaar stallholder tips

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Here’s some STALLHOLDER TIPS to help you!

* provide your own 3 x 3 metre market tent

* clothing to cover all hot/cold options & sun protection


* tablecloths to cover the tables

* paper carry bags and paper bags (customise these with business cards) for sales

* business cards, flyers, signage

* tissue paper/bubble wrap depending on what you are selling

* display stands/items for your work….you can be creative with this ie old suitcases/timber children’s chairs/jewellery trees that seem to pop up everywhere in home stores etc

* small kit of stationery items ie scissors/safety pins/black marker texta/sticky tape

* work can be priced or unpriced depending on selling/talking skills!

* pack the car the night before

* leave your day to day handbag at home and only take what is essential for security reasons/bring a small crossover bag for your change/ or bumbag

* if you are by yourself tell ALL your friends to drop in and say hello so you at least get a toilet break!

* introduce yourself to your neighbouring stalls

* weights to weigh down the market tent (water or sand or pegs)

* chain to hang from the market tent to hang wall art

* collect customer details

* receipts

* plenty of drinking water

* take pictures on your phone of your market set up so you can refer back to pictures of the previous market

* no holds – remember you are only there for 6 hours

* if you make clothes of jewellery, wear it on the day

* be doing something with your hands, sewing or painting or other making. People like seeing creative people being creative, it not only creates a topic of conversation but you are not sitting there starring at the customer, freaking them out

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