It is being led by a World Flag symbol for harmony designed by Sharon Davson who will travel to the Middle East with the exhibition.

Many of the participating artists are part of a new art movement known as Arkism, focussed on creating art that uplifts and inspires joy and with a strong spiritual focus. The movement has been growing since 2011 as a response to Davson’s work, so she has become its acknowledged leader.

The first phase of Davson ~ Connecting Friends under a World Flag is timed to coincide with Pat Farmer’s 1,350 kilometre Peace Run in the Middle East. Pat plans to run in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel with the World Flag emblazoned on his running clothes.

Each art piece needs to include themes of joy, peace and co-operation to be accompanied by the artist’s name, city and country, the title of the art piece, year, size and medium (which can be in any medium); and its sales value should you desire to sell your art – a commission of 20% will be retained on art sales.

– $100.00 AUD Participation in the ‘virtual’ art exhibition is $100 for 7 jpg’s.
– $60.00 AUD or $20 each with a minimum of 3 pieces ($60).

Your contribution assists in the preparations as well as benefit local charities in the countries of the exhibitions.