Dates: 17 April – 3 May, Opening @ 6.00pm Fri 17 April 2015

Back to Back Galleries hosts the annual exhibition of small artworks that takes place this year during 2015 National Trust Heritage Festival: Conflict and Compassiion. Historian Dr Ann Hardy will formally open the exhibition. The theme of Conflict and Compassion and the exhibition small: fraternity, futility and hope both tie into the centenary of the Anzacs and both invite us to reflect on how our identity and heritage has been formed by conflict and compassion. Over 50 local artists and makers have each created three small artworks on the theme of fraternity, futility and hope. (A small artwork being one that will fit inside a cube of side 15cm.) The interpretations are as varied as the mediums chosen – clay, paint, fibre, metal, photography and print. In some cases the pieces have been inspired by memories and stories of family members, while others highlight iconic images from times of conflict – the digger’s hat, the white cross. Many of the artworks will touch us through the stories they tell. All will compel us to consider and reconsider the fraternity, futility and hope that comes from armed conflict. Join the artists on Friday 17 April for the opening